• मानवीय प्राथमिकता वह है जो वास्तव में फल-फूल सके और समृद्ध हो सके।
Human Priority Foundation

Innovations for Human Welfare and Employment.

For people affected by poverty or disaster, employment is essential to a better future.

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Who We Are

Human Priority Foundation Is Of A Kind Section 8 Company Which Helps Trusted and Hardworking NGOs Across The Country Raise Funds For Human Kind Wellness Causes. At humanpriority.org You Can Find All The Trusted and authenticated NGOs Working In Your Area In Different Fields and help Them By Donating Whatever You can. & Also Have A FeedBack From Those Who Actually Received Your Help.

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Divine. Moral. Compassionate.

Millions of Hindu Worshipers Start every day with a ritual offering of flowers. temples dump those flowers into the Ganges. adding harmful chemicals and pesticides to a river that's a lifeline for over 400 million people. We an Indian Startup, collect discarded flowers and transform them into handmade incense sticks.


सनातनी महिलाओ की ज़िन्दगी में खुशबु बिखेर रही अग्गरबत्ति ।